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“First Class” - SOLD

16.3  hands : 5  year old : Friesian/Morgan : Gelding


If there has ever been a horse we wish we could keep forever, this is it. From his charming and gentle demeanor on the ground, to his talent and quiet mind under saddle, there is not a single bad thing to say about this horse. He is truly one of a kind and can be enjoyed by absolutely anyone. Whether you are a professional looking for your next upper-level dressage partner to produce, an amateur or beginner looking for safe and reliable, someone who works in the film industry looking for a great minded and beautiful horse that is used to all of the excitement that comes with being on set, or if you are simply looking for a horse that can be enjoyed by every member of the family for years to come- First Class is your guy! 


First Class is a 5 year old Friesian/Morgan gelding standing 16.3 hands high. Of all the horses that come through our doors, this one will always stick out in our minds. There isn’t much we haven’t done with him, and there hasn’t been a thing that has phased him along the way. First Class is a horse that speaks for himself, and we urge you to watch his full video to see what we mean.


In the ring, First Class is confidently schooling first level dressage and is ready to move up if his next rider chooses to do so. He has one of the best canters we have ever seen, and his other gaits are extremely comfortable and balanced as well. Sometimes you forget he’s only 5 years old with how well he goes and acts. We are working on basic lateral work, collection, extension, and stretching. He shows tons of potential to be an upper-level dressage partner, all while being safe and steady enough for children and beginners to learn and enjoy. If you can steer, you can ride this horse. He is not spooky, he can take a joke, and is one of the most tolerant and forgiving young horses you will find. It’s not every day that there is a young horse with the abilities to be successful in any level in the show ring, while being so beginner and amateur friendly at the same time.



Outside of the ring, First Class does not put a foot wrong. Even your great grandma could safely trail ride this horse. We trust this horse in any situation, with any rider. He will always keep a smile on your face and get his rider to their destination safely without any stress or fuss. He has many miles on all sorts of terrain, with all types of riders. He has been ridden to town, on busy roads, on many hunter paces, paper chases, civil war reenactments, side saddle demonstrations, and in film production. He is familiar with fire, smoke machines, various props, gun shots, drones, cannon fire, and steam engines. We have put him through the prep work that we do for police horses and he breezed through the program without a care in the world. 


In the barn, First Class is a perfect gentleman. To be straight to the point, he is happy in any situation and can be handled by anyone. He stands well to be groomed, tacked, bathed, and adores attention. He has the best personality you will ever find. He is the type of horse that will have anyone who meets him falling in love and wanting to spend more time in the barn. He is the same horse whether he is stalled or living out. He gets along with mares and geldings, and can be turned out with anyone. He is the first horse to the gate when he sees you coming, we think he would rather live in the house with you than in the barn sometimes! First Class has no vices, and could not be better behaved in or out of the barn. 


If you took the time to read this whole description, then you should see how much we love and appreciate this horse. We hope to find him a home that will adore him as much as we all do, because he truly is a once in a lifetime partner. There is not another horse out there that is such a true example of being a complete package. He has by far the best personality and brains, and all of the talent in the world. He is gentle and as safe as they come, both under saddle and on the ground, and to add to it- he is an easy keeper with no limitations, vices, or special maintenance. He is one in a million! 


Located in Gap, Pennsylvania. Priced at $30,000. Inquires may phone 717-917-7213

Full Video and Highlight Reel:

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