“General” - SOLD

16.2 hand : 8 year old : Belgian/Percheron : Gelding


General is an 8 year old Percheron/Belgian gelding standing 16.2 hands high. If you cannot ride or drive this horse, then you have no business ever owning a horse - he is that safe, quiet, and gentle. This is an old soul. General is a certified babysitter, husband carrier, grandma safe, guest approved, love bug of a horse. If you want a safe and relaxed trail ride, he’s your man. If you want to be able to put your young child or any inexperienced rider on his back without concern, he’s your man. There has never been a horse here before that we feel so confident in with ANY level rider. General has been our tried and true family horse for the past few years. Sadly the kids are getting older and looking for more athletic and adventurous mounts, and we would love to see him continue teach and trail ride with another family. 


In the ring, General is used for walk/trot and very small cross rails. He is so extremely gifted at teaching and putting up with young and inexperienced riders that we have never asked for him for more; He is perfect. He is too good at what he does to ask for anything more. He stands to be mounted, has great brakes, and never puts a foot wrong. 


On the trails, you couldn’t find a better horse. General will cross any and all obstacles. He will lead youngsters across scary bridges, creeks, tunnels, and more. There’s not a single bad thing to say about this guy when on the trails or off property.  He is as solid as they get. General will lead, follow, or ride alone with no problems. You can pop a 5 year old kid on him, or an 85 year old - and feel confident they will be safe and happy on their ride. He knows how to take a joke.


In the barn, General is a gentle giant. He knows his size and is respectful of people’s space. The children can climb all over and under him, and he stands like a statue. General loves attention, being groomed, and spending time with people. He is easy to catch in the field and can often be seen out in the pasture with a couple of the children on his back while he grazes. General lives outside with mares and other geldings with no problem. He is an easy keeper and is a gentleman whether he lives in or out.  


Under harness, General is so safe and simple that anyone can drive him. That’s something we never say. Drive him backwards, with your eyes closed, or from the roof of the buggy, it makes no difference to him. He is safe in heavy traffic, on country roads, and in the open fields. General is broke with all kinds of farm equipment as well. He knows “whoa” very well, and will stop and stand like a statue when asked. He is easy to hitch and unhitch, and backs, turns, and moves off without error. All with voice commands. 


General has absolutely no spook. He has been around flares, fireworks, smoke bombs, gunshots, loud farm machinery, and more. This big guy won’t take you to the Olympics, and will never win any races, but he will always take care of his family and guarantees a happy rider. With General you are bringing home a horse that has years of experience with children climbing all over him, guests taking him out on trail rides, and timid riders and beginners learning to ride. He loves being part of the family, so we want to ensure that’s what he does with his next home.


You will not find a safer family horse on the internet today. He is one of our favorites. General is sound with no vices. He loads, clips, ties, bathes, and stands for the farrier. Located in Gap, Pennsylvania. Priced at $12,500. Inquiries may phone 717-917-7213 or 908-645-2127.