“Jupiter” - SOLD

16.1 hands : 6 year old : Friesian/Percheron : Gelding


Jupiter is a 6 year old Percheron/Friesian gelding standing 16.2 hands high. Talk about a picture perfect horse! Jupiter has all the looks and personality you could ever dream of. This guy is the friendliest, most lovable horse around, and he just can’t get enough of his people. He is also one of the best trail horses around. You can take him anywhere and feel relaxed knowing he will safely carry you wherever you desire. Jupiter seriously loves water. He will swim across any pond, cross any stream, or play in any lake you ask him to walk into. Jupiter is good size for any rider. He is gentle enough for children, yet sturdy enough for husbands or guests to take out for a ride. 


In the ring, Jupiter is educated with a good work ethic. He works off leg pressure and knows some basic dressage movements. He goes into a frame, extends, collects, and adjusts with ease. This a forward thinking horse. He has three extremely smooth and comfortable gaits and has the best sitting trot around. Jupiter knows when children are on his back, because he clocks out of work mode and slows it down. Jupiter will pop over small jumps and logs in the arena and enjoys adding new things to the routine. 


On the trails, Jupiter is a star. He crosses all obstacles, bridges, tunnels, water, and roads. He doesn’t mind  traffic or trucks driving by, and is use to busy highways. If you need to mount along the trail, no worries. Jupiter will stand like a statue for you to mount, whether it be from the ground or from a fallen tree or fence. Jupiter is such a good trail mount you can ride him backwards, standing on his rump, and even with your eyes closed. He is sturdy, sure footed, and reliable. 


In the barn, Jupiter is Mr. Personality. He is always the center of attention and enjoys being groomed, bathed, and loved on. Jupiter is a good boy in the stall and out in the pasture. He is turned out in a mixed herd of mares and geldings and is always the first one to the gate when he sees you coming. 


Having Jupiter in our barn was a pleasure, and we know he will make his next owner as happy as he makes us. Overall, Jupiter is a kind and loving gelding who always makes his person happy. With his luscious forelock and mane, jet black coat, and kind eye, you will surely be the talk of the town (or the barn).


Jupiter is sound with no vices. Located in Gap, Pennsylvania. Priced at $22,500. Inquiries may phone 717-917-7213.