“Out of the Blue” - SOLD

17.1 hand : 9 year old : Irish Sport Horse : Gelding

“Out Of The Blue” is a 9 year old imported Irish Sport Horse gelding standing 17.1 hands high. This is what everyone contacts for; a handsome gelding with a puppy dog personality who wins shows and is still safe enough for every single member of the family—from the grandparents down to the grandchildren. There is not a single person in the world who doesn’t have good things to say about this gentle giant. “Blue” is a textbook confidence builder who lives up to his name - winning many first place ribbons in all three rings. He has been shown, trail ridden, and hacked around by beginners, juniors, and professionals. Besides being a successful show horse, Blue is also a lovable partner and friend. This horse is SAFE! He will pack around your 5 year old or your 75 year old grandmother. This gelding is everything a person wants in a horse and more. He is the definition of a teacher and a babysitter, yet he is still game enough for the most experienced rider to enjoy and be competitive on in the show ring or cross country field. 


In the ring, Blue is educated and experienced. He is easily adjustable and rideable with top quality gaits and a 10 jump. There is not a single person who we wouldn’t feel comfortable putting on this horse. An absolute beginner can climb on, and he will pack them around on the flat or over a course of fences. With a more advanced rider, Blue will step up his game. He will jump around any sized fences and has schooled up to 1.30 in Europe. He is the perfect horse for someone who needs a confidence boost or for a rider looking to move up. Blue is 100% reliable in every way. He is honest and will jump anything, from any spot, with any rider. He can take a joke and will never complain. He has even been ridden side-saddle and takes to it marvelously. 


In the show ring, Blue is phenomenal. He has been shown in the hunt teams and on Hunt night at big venues such as Harrisburg (Penn National), and other hunter/jumper shows all over the tri-state area. Blue will step into any ring without a second thought and jump any fence you ask of him. He has zero spook and will never question his rider—only help them. This is a horse who will get his person out of tough spots, balance himself in tight places, and boost even the most timid riders confidence. Blue requires absolutely zero prep at, or before, the show. He can sit for weeks or ride every day, and he will give you the same performance. 


Off property, Blue never disappoints. He has fox hunting experience in all fields. He is a steadfast partner for hunter paces and paper chases as well. This horse will jump anything you point him at. If you think it, he will do it with no hesitation. Blue is a truly good soul who takes care of his rider in all situations. He will cross water, roads, ditches, logs and more. Blue hacks out alone and in a group. 


In the barn, Blue is a gentleman. He stands to be clipped, groomed, and tacked. He loves attention and can be handled by children easily. Blue is popular amongst all of our riders and barn workers as he is sweet and easy to get along with. Blue will happily live in or out and gets along with mares and geldings in a mixed herd. 


It is not every day that we have the opportunity to offer our clients a seasoned horse like Blue. People forget about why we ride, why we compete,  and why we wake up at 4 in the morning in the freezing weather to wait around for hours for our 30 seconds in the show ring. We do it for fun and for happiness. Since we all work as hard as we do all week to get to spend time with our horses, why would we want to spend that short time worrying about a spooky horse or a horse that needs to be lunged and worked for an hour before you can ride? Blue is an insurance policy. He will always take care of his rider. No matter the age or size. He will ensure a stress free ride whether it be in the show ring or a bareback stroll down the street. This is a horse who wants to do good for his people. Blue is the perfect show partner, trail buddy, and friend.


Out of the Blue is 100% sound with no vices. He loads, clips, ties, bathes, and stands for the farrier. Absolutely no apologies on this top notch guy. Located in Gap, Pennsylvania. Priced at mid five figures. Serious inquiries may phone 717-917-7213 or 908-645-2127.