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"Rome" - SOLD

17.3 hands : 4 year old : American Warmblood : Gelding

 Rome is a 17.3 hand, 4 year old American Warmblood gelding. Don’t let his age fool you.  He is as sweet and kind as they come—wise beyond his years. In spite of his height, he does not feel that big when you’re on him. This boy has all the best qualities you can ask for. He is completely safe, has no naughty behavior or bad habits, and is worth his weight in gold. He is a saint of a horse and despite his size never takes advantage of anyone. He is built extremely well and has the best ground manners in the barn. We want the best home for this perfect boy! Where in the world do you find them like this?


 In the ring, Rome has a solid wtc with the smoothest canter to ride. He has a ground covering stride and tends to be more of a push ride. He has an excellent walk to canter transition and the kind of canter you could ride all day long. He has very good brakes, and the second you sit back, say “woah”, or get off balance, his reaction is to stop. We have ridden him double, bridle-less, western, ect, and he takes everything in stride. We couldn’t ask more from this horse at this age. He is extremely intelligent, always strives to please, and always takes care of his rider. He is everyone’s dream to own, and every trainers dream to ride. 


 On the trail, Rome is a complete trail master and if you can hold the reins you can ride him. He is extremely quiet and never gets upset. He’s been in some sticky situations with low trees and heavy brush, and he made sure to take care of his rider and take it slow. He’s brave beyond his years and as close as they get to bombproof. He will pop over small logs and go into water. He is traffic safe, and dog and bicycle proof. If another horse rides too close or is spooky he is non reactive. He would make the perfect husband horse and he always leaves his rider smiling.


 Over jumps, Rome has been very lightly started. He mostly has schooled over small cross rails and poles on the ground. He is honest and figuring it out quickly. We have not pushed him to any extreme as he is only 4 and still growing physically maturing. He’s right where he should be for his age, and we have no doubt he’ll continue to grow to be impressive and athletic. He is very well put together, and it’ll be a treat to see how pretty he will be a couple more years. 


 In the barn, Rome is a total baby and loves being in your pocket. He has no bad stall habits and goes out with other geldings and mares. He stands to be groomed and tacked up. He is well behaved for the farrier and the dentist. He has the best ground manners and is always aware of his person. He’s good to lunge, load, and trailers quietly. For what he is this gelding is an absolute steal, and you can’t find another like him. His kind is so rare and unique, he was born quiet with an incredible personality and brain. We’ve been lucky to have this guy with us and want the best and brightest future for him. 


Rome is UTD on shots farrier dentist and coggins. 


Acquisition can be obtained at $20,000.  If you’re interested in Rome, text or call 717-875-2061 

Located in Gap, PA. Shipping available domestic and international. 

Full Video and Highlight Reel:

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