Listed below are a selection of horses that may ride, drive or be skilled in both. Individual qualities may be found in each horses descriptions. More videos may be available on our youtube channel.

“Micah" - For Sale

15.2 hand : 2 year old : Dutch Harness : Gelding


Micah is a 2 year old Dutch Harness gelding standing at 15.2 hands high. This guy is a puppy dog! He’s always in your pocket. There is a ton of potential for this horse to go in any discipline whether it be for show or for pleasure. This gelding will be very easy to finish off. He’s very smart and sensible. Based off of his current size, bone structure, and breeding, he should mature around 16.2 hands high. We did our ground work and under saddle work to start with nothing more than a roping saddle, rope halter, and lead rope.


Micah is a good example of how we like to start the horses that we raise. They get handled regularly as weanlings and yearlings. At two, we start them in the roundpen with ground work, lunging, long lining, and ground driving. Micah is substantial enough for some light work. We like to get them backed and then put them out on some trail rides, so they can see the world. After that, we bring them back into the ring to walk, trot, canter, and walk over a ground rail or two. It seems they are happier if they can do lots of different little fun jobs rather than one task over and over again or circle after circle. We want the horses to be happy and have a positive attitude. At this point, we generally turn them back out until next spring.


Micah is well behaved in and out of the barn. He will come up to you in the field to say hi.  He looks for people to interact with. He stands to be groomed and tacked. He thinks it’s great. 


This youngster has been an easy one to work with. He lunges well and has no cares about any of our desensitizing techniques. 


Under saddle, he is very comfortable and uncomplicated. Steer him to where you want to go. Micah has all three gaits and both leads in the round pen and in the ring. 


Off the farm, he is the same as always. He likes the trail rides. He will cross all the natural obstacles. Micah really enjoyed swimming in the lake on the hot days we had this year so far.  


Under harness, this guy is learning quickly. He stands patiently and listens for his commands. We have been ground driving him in the round pen, pasture, and riding ring. 


Overall you have a super nice prospect here for any discipline. He has the brain, attitude, and demeanor to be whatever you desire. He is ADHHA registered. Eligible for KWPN.


Micah is sound with no vices. He loads, clips, ties, bathes, and stands for the farrier. Available at 7,500. Inquiries may phone 717-917-7213.


“Ellie - For Sale"


16.1 hands : 6 years old : 3/4 Spotted Draft/TB : Mare


Ellie is a 6 year old Spotted Draft Thoroughbred cross mare standing 16 hands high. She has the build to carry any size rider, making her an excellent choice for husbands or guests. Ellie enjoys being on the trails and will happily take you on a leisurely stroll. This lady loves getting attention and will stand quietly to be groomed and fussed over.


In the barn, Ellie is easy and low maintenance, she is happy living in or outside. She is the same horse if you ride her every day or take her out once a week. She stands quietly on the crossties to groomed and tacked.


In the ring, Ellie will happily give pony rides to the children. She enjoys taking it slow and steady and won’t mind if there is a wobbly first timer on her back walking around the ring. Ellie has a nice smooth trot and will pop over small jumps.


On the trails, Ellie is the happiest. She will carry her rider wherever you ask. This mare loves the water whether it be streams, ponds, or rivers. This lady is our first choice when it comes to having guests or inexperienced riders on the trail. She will follow along quietly and never bats an eye. Ellie will cross any obstacle you might find out and about, bridges, logs, ditches, streams and more.


Here is a sold girl ready for any job. Ellie is good for the vet and farrier, and she is sound with no vices. Priced at $8,500. Inquiries may phone 717-917-7213.


“Oswald" - SOLD

14.1 hand : 6 year old : Palomino Paint : Gelding


Oswald is a 6 year old Quarter Paint Pony gelding standing 14.2 hands high. This gelding is exceptionally special in every way. We trust him to pack the kids around all day long without batting an eye. “Ozzy" is safe and fun for the whole family. Whether you put a young child or an experienced rider on his back you are guaranteed to have a happy pony and an even happier rider. Ozzy is dependable, patient, and willing in any situation. 


In the barn, Ozzy is easy and quiet. He will stand on the crossties all day to be groomed and loved on. He is gentle as can be and easily handled by children. He is our first choice when we have a timid rider or beginner that wants to ride. Outside, Ozzy is turned out with a variety of horses and ponies. He gets along well with others and comes right up to you in the field. 


In the ring, Ozzy is very smart. He is always aware of the rider on his back and knows when to take it extra slow with the kids. He is simple and quiet with 3 smooth gaits. He loves to jump and will pop over anything you ask without hesitation. He is brave and smooth over cross country fences, and won’t take a second look at any “scary” fences at a show. Ozzy can handle bouncy, wobbly beginners and first timers. He doesn’t mind taking it easy and being a patient teacher. However with a more advanced rider, he will gladly take you over larger fences and more technical activities with ease. 


In the show ring, Ozzy rides the same as he does at home. He knows and loves his job! This guy requires absolutely zero prep. Pull him off the trailer and have his rider take him right into the show ring. He is calm, cool, and collected in the hustle and bustle of the show grounds. 


On the trails, he is -once again- relaxed and easy going. Ozzy loves water! He will happily go into any lake, river, or stream you cross. Any obstacle you may cross, natural or man made, is no bother to Ozzy and he will carry you through whatever comes your way. He has no fear and makes his rider feel safe while on his back. This guy will lead or follow and is friendly with the other horses. Whether you want to go on a laid back walk through the park, or go on a hunter pace or paper chase, this guy will be your trusty partner for whatever you choose to do! 


This little guy is sure to make family very happy. Ozzy is good for the vet and farrier. He loads, ties, and bathes with no fussing. He is sound, barefoot, and has no vices. Located in Gap, Pennsylvania. Acquisition can be obtained at 10,000. Inquiries may phone 717-917-7213



“Stratton” - For Sale

16.3 hands : 10 year old : Percheron/Morgan : Gelding


Beginner Horse! 


Stratton is a 10 year old Percheron/Morgan cross gelding standing at 16.3 hands high. This guy is an all arounder. If you gives lessons, you will want him in your program. Stratton is very easy to be around and ride. He’s as smooth as silk, pretty as a picture, cool as a cucumber, quiet as a mouse, and as gentle as a lamb.


This gelding will be happy in any situation. He can live in or live out full time. Makes no difference to his temperament. He stands quietly on the cross ties to be groomed and tacked. In the ring, he will gently pack around all the kids and complete beginners. He takes his time and takes a joke. He will walk, trot, canter with both leads and pop over little jumps. He’s like riding a couch. You can ride him any way you want: bare back, English, or Western. 


We have taken him to shows. He’s been in the short stirrup and beginner rider divisions. He is well behaved and doesn’t mind the excitement. 


Off the farm, he is as solid as it gets. We have taken him on over night camping trips. We packed as much on him as physically possible. Stratton is carefree. Monkey around on top of him as much as you want. He will cross all obstacles: rocks, rivers, roots, logs, ditches, and more. He is happy alone or at the front, middle, or back of a group. 


Under harness, Stratton is very broke. He will stop and stand patiently, or move on when asked. He is more forward with a strong work ethic in the carriage. He is totally traffic safe. Take him anywhere you want. 


Overall, this guy is perfect for a lot of different riders. He is the kind of horse that everyone contacts us about. If you want a husband horse, guest horse, kid horse, or beginner horse, this is him! Leave him the field for a month, and then just climb on. He will be the same horse no matter what. Stratton is sound with no vices. He loads, clips, ties, bathes, and stands for the farrier. Located in Gap, Pennsylvania. Priced at $20k. Inquiries may phone 717-917-7213.


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