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Quality horses, quality training, and perfect matches add up to happy endings...

I have really enjoyed the lovely mare that I bought from CM Farms. Caleb and Kieran were great to work with and are getting in some really nice quality sporthorses. I bought a 4 year old (now 5 year old) DHH mare from them and have been super impressed by her quality, demeanor and brain. She is a lovely mare that is sporty for being a bigger built horse, has stunning gaits and is super game to jump. I found the purchasing process to be super easy, as I bought the mare site unseen and had her shipped down to me. Caleb helped me arrange shipping and everything went very smoothly. I would definitely buy another horse from CM farms in the future and am really enjoying building a partnership with my CM Farms mare, Mel! 

Jackie B.

Having had the extreme pleasure of working with CM Farms while looking for a family horse for a client, I can say that businesses like theirs are hard to find! Don’t let an “untraditional” breed deter you. Honest, professional, and just plain old amazing at what they do, I would point any of my clients or colleagues in their direction! We tried a bunch of horses while we were there, and if we’d had the space, would have left with all of them! They were all wonderfully started, wonderfully behaved on the ground, and given the skills they needed to be successful in whichever direction the buyer wanted to go. We purchased a 5 year old mare from them about a year ago, and she has been an absolute joy to work with! How many youngsters can get thrown into a completely new environment and immediately start giving lunge lessons to a child while learning to jump with the trainer at the same time? Their process of bringing along young horses is next to none, and they have done an incredible job educating themselves on all disciplines of the sport and being able to cater to a wide variety of customers! Would without a doubt jump at the chance to purchase from them again! 

Lexie L.

There are words to describe how much I love this horse. From the day I tried him I knew he was something special and had loads of potential. To this day, he’s never proved me wrong. The amount of talent, willingness, bravery, and beauty he has is absolutely incredible. His work ethic is so strong, and he loves what he does. I am a young rider training for eventing, and he is the perfect horse for the job. Not to mention, he has the silliest personality and will never fail to put a smile on my face along with so many others as well. Since I got him at 3 1/2 years old, there’s never a day that goes by where he doesn’t impress me. I’ve never worked with such a talented young horse before him and I am so grateful to have him in my life. CM Farms does a beautiful job training and desensitizing all of there horses and they truly do produce some of the most spectacular horses. I couldn’t recommend them more!

Screenshot 2020-07-14 at 2.33.01 PM.png
Anna M.

My experience with CM Farms was all positive, blue ribbon to be exact. I was looking to lease something that could teach a dressage rider to jump. Something that would build confidence. Caleb was quick to respond and accommodate my needs to travel immediately. Even with not ideal weather, they made accommodations to my ever changing time schedule. They were very professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend anyone searching for their next equine companion to reach out to CM Farms. 

MFC / Hooked on Ridin'

There's an old saying that horse salesmen are the original used car salesmen. And while that's true in a lot of cases, it's not with CM Farms. Our family has purchased 2 geldings from Caleb. Crown Royal, a 17.2hh spotted draft cross and Reagan, a 16.1hh spotted draft and they are both very much a large (pun intended) part of our family. The boys were bought a year apart and were both exactly what was advertised and more. They are both barn and trainer favorites. They really are puppy dogs and as bombproof as you can get. The sale process was easy and relaxed. We enjoyed our time at the farm and never felt pressured into anything. The settings for our boys went flawless and easy. When anyone I know is horse shopping, I of course send them to CM Farms. When my son is old enough for his first pony, it will be a CM Farms pony of course! 

Rebecca F.

About one year ago I purchased a two year old colt from CM Farms. Mirage is full Dutch Harness Horse and such a handsome man. I had been looking for a young dressage prospect for myself, and I have seen many of Caleb’s horses posted online. I always loved the clear description of each horse, pictures, videos, pricing right up front. I was extremely interested in Mirage, because Caleb does such a nice job exposing all his young horses to various things. Mirage had been handled, groomed, bathed, loaded in a trailer, on a light trail ride, and had been around other horses and people, and I knew this was exactly what I needed in a young horse. The purchase process was easy and uncomplicated. Mirage arrived to my farm in Ocala in excellent condition and health. He is such a sweet and happy boy and extremely trainable. I know it is because he was started correctly. He is very eager to learn and loves people! I am so excited for our future together. This is my first DHH and I am just in love with the breed. They are outstanding athletes, hard workers, keen and smart. I am glad I worked with CM farms and would absolutely recommend them. 

Lisa H. / LCH Equestrian

I had the pleasure of purchasing Jaxson from Caleb of CM Farms. I had recently lost my heart horse and was not really in the market, but I stumbled across Jaxson’s ad on Facebook and something told me to reach out. From day one, they were highly responsive and accommodating. Jaxson was exactly as advertised (and more). It is so rare nowadays to find honest and professional sellers. For only being 4.5 years old, he has had an excellent foundation put on him by CM Farms. We brought him home, and he acted like he has lived there his whole life. He is truly a very large puppy dog. In the month and a half that I have owned him, he has gone trail riding 3x, placed 2nd out of 20+ teams at a paperchase, and has managed to win over my and my family’s hearts. I cannot wait to watch him continue to progress. I haven’t had this much fun with a horse in a long time. Everyone who has met him has fallen in love with him and asks where I got him from. I am proud to tell them that he came from CM Farms and recommend them to check them out if they are in the market. The test ride, vetting, and purchase was very easy and relaxed. I know that if I am in the market again in the future, CM Farms will be the first place I look!

Abby M.
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