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“Nitro” - SOLD

14.1 hand : Coming 3 year old : Dutch Harness : Gelding

Nitro is a coming 3 year old Dutch Harness gelding currently standing 14.1 hands high and growing. Both parents are 16 hands; we expect Nitro to mature around there as well. Nitro is not your average two year old. He is brave, quiet, and wiser than his years. We have taken Nitro on trail rides, through water, over bridges, tunnels, and more. We love taking our youngsters off property as much as possible to give them a fun and enjoyable experience, while seeing and learning tons of new things. It’s not every day we have a two year old that we are comfortable and confident putting a kid on, but this one is it. He never puts a foot wrong and has the best brain out there. Nitro will be easy and willing to be finished in any direction once he is finished growing. 


In the ring, Nitro will walk, trot, and canter both directions and pick up both leads. He has great brakes and listens well to voice commands. He also stands to mount and dismount with ease. Nitro has never offered a buck, rear, or bolt. He has always put his best foot forward and has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. Nitro is teachable, relaxed, and overall easy to work with. Anyone can hop on him and go. 


Off property, Nitro is happy seeing new places and things. He has done more trail riding than anything else as that is what keeps youngsters engaged and happy! He is content leading, following, or being in the middle of the pack. Nitro crosses bridges, water, swims in the pond, and is safe in traffic. Our 12 year old niece loves taking him on the trails, and he is nothing but reliable and relaxed. 


In the barn, Nitro is easy to handle, groom, and tack up. He is used to being clipped, bathed, and handled daily. He is well behaved when stalled, but we like to let our young ones live out as much as possible. He goes in a herd of other young geldings and stud colts and gets along well with everyone. He has also been turned out with mares and older geldings as well and does great.  


Nitro is a promising young horse with the brains and good nature to take him anywhere in any discipline. His sire is an effortless and brave jumper and is on his way to become an upper level dressage horse. If he is anything like his dad, Nitro will be spectacular! 


Nitro is a great example of how we like to start the horses we raise. They get handled regularly as weanlings and yearlings as they grow up. At two they are started in the roundpen doing groundwork lunging, long lining, and ground driving. Then they are backed and taken out on trail rides, so they can see the world in a relaxed and enjoyable manner. After that, they are brought into the arena to learn some basic flatwork and techniques. We pride ourselves on the fact that our youngsters are happier and are more well rounded, because they get to do lots of different, fun jobs, rather than one task over and over again or being stuck going in a circle. We always want our horses happy with a positive attitude. We work on their minds, not their bodies. Finally, once our youngsters are safe and simple to ride with a solid base, we turn them back out to finish growing until the next year. When they find their new home, they can be finished in any direction easily thanks to their strong foundation.


Nitro is sound with no vices. He is sure to make someone very very happy. He is one of the best youngster we have ever raised EVER. Located in Gap, Pennsylvania. Priced at $10,000. Inquiries may phone 717-917-7213 or 908-645-2127.


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