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“Leo” - SOLD

16.3 hands : 9 year old : OTTB : Gelding


Arrive is a 9 year old Thoroughbred gelding standing 16.3 hands high. “Leo”, as we call him, is the ultimate 2’-2”6 packer. He has spent this past year traveling around the tri-state area showing an 11 year old girl the ropes of the hunter ring. This guy is a saint at shows, requiring zero prep and always taking care of the kids. He is a trainer’s dream! Leo is also a blast outside of the show ring! He has been to tons of hunter paces and paper chases, bravely carrying his kid around and jumping everything he was asked to. Leo would make a fantastic addition for any show barn, IEA team, 4H program, a kid moving off a pony, or for anyone looking for a confidence builder that is ready to step into the show ring or fun event. 


In the ring, Leo is fancy and always on his best behavior. He loves to strut his stuff with a daisy cutting walk and trot and a smooth adjustable canter. He always carries his head like a perfect show hunter, even when ridden on the buckle. Leo has his changes and knows how to work off your leg. He has been a great asset for our lesson program. Under saddle, Leo is a confidence booster and a steady eddy even with the more nervous children. Over fences, Leo is picture perfect and correct. He knows when the kids can’t find a distance and will gladly find it himself. He is brave, scopey, and loves his job. He has been schooled up to 3”6 in the arena but is a solid 2”-2”6 packer for any rider. Leo has a round and careful jump, while being brave and honest over every fence. 


In the show ring, Leo never disappoints. This year, he brought his rider from the short stirrup up to the Pre-children’s hunters. He has also dabbled in the Pre-childrens equitation as well as the Thoroughbred Hunters where he  always gets a piece of the hack. We are always getting compliments on how well behaved and educated this gelding is. He stands and waits patiently for his turn in the ring and always delivers. Leo can be schooled and handled by the children alone at the show. He is calm as can be in the hectic show environment and as trustworthy as they come. Leo is very smart and careful in the ring, correcting green riders mistakes and making rounds look effortless. Leo requires no prep and is a stall to ring type.  


On trails and hunter paces, Leo is happy and relaxed. He will lead, follow, or hack out alone. He jumps coupes, logs, and walls with ease. He has been schooled over all sorts of cross country fences as well. Leo will cross water, bridges, tunnels, and roads. This guy is always on his best behavior off property and loves to hit the trails.  


In the barn, Leo is all business. He stands to be groomed and tacked, but is not the cuddly type. Leo prefers a gentle grooming and then heading off to ride. Leo does fine in his stall but is currently living out 24/7 in a mixed herd of mares and geldings. Leo is the same if you ride him once every 2 weeks or every day. Leo is an easy keeper, you’d have no idea he is a thoroughbred with how great his feet are and how well he keeps weight on! 


Leo has been a wonderful member of our barn family and has been a great asset in teaching the children and moving up young riders in the show ring. He is only being offered for sale due to his rider wanting to move into the jumper ring this year. Don’t miss out on a seasoned, stylish, and safe show horse without the warmblood price tag.


Leo is sound and healthy. He loads, clips, ties, bathes, and stands for the farrier. Located in Gap, Pennsylvania. Priced at $15,000. Inquiries may phone 717-917-7213 or 908-645-2127


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