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"Chester" - SOLD

16 hands : 4 year old : Suffolk Punch/Morgan : Gelding

Chester is a 16 hand, 4 year old, Suffolk Punch/Morgan cross. This boy is truly one of a kind. He’s wise beyond his years and the absolute quietest four year old we’ve had in a very long time. He has the most gentle sweet personality you can get and the best brain out there. We can’t say enough good things about this youngster, and we have all fallen in love with him. 


On the trail, Chester has the most experience and is safe for everyone. He’s the perfect horse to take your husband, child, or grandma out for a fun ride. He’s happy moseying along in the back of the group, and he has a safe, slow, careful step. He’s so much fun to ride and always a reliable guy. Chester will step over logs or maneuver through brush with no hesitation. He never has to be asked twice and will even lead the older horses through a “scary”situation. He loves water and will go through creeks or into the river. We’ve taken him bareback swimming, and he was a blast. You can mount him from a log or fence or just about anything, and he’ll patiently stand still. He’s truly a superstar and a total dream horse. 


In the ring, Chester is easy to ride and never goes faster than he’s asked. He has no spook, buck, kick, or rear in him. He’s naturally easy going and willing to learn. He has a solid walk, trot, and canter both directions and gets better every ride. He’s good about picking up the proper lead and can go more collected or on a loose rein. We have not pushed him hard to do anything at his age, however he has nice easy transitions and isn’t hard to get going. He’s a comfortable ride and growing into himself well. He is a wonderful prospect to go any direction, and he’s the right age to make into whatever you want. He’s beginner safe and easy enough for an amateur to continue his education. 


Chester has been out XC schooling and totally amazed us! He has a lovely slow canter and isn’t scared of anything. He’s honest to the jump and rides right to the base. Although he’s a heavier build, he is still surprisingly athletic over jumps. This boy has impressive form for his age and the cutest knees over jumps. He’s super fun to take out and would be perfect for hunter paces or fox hunting with some more conditioning. Chester definitely prefers a solid jump and thinks cross rails are a joke. 


We’ve done lots of desensitization work with this handsome boy, and he takes everything in stride. He’s been totally fearless with everything we’ve thrown at him. He has a wonderful curious personality, and he is basically unflappable. He’s done tarp work, smoke bombs, balloons, walked through fire, dogs, screaming kids, all types of equipment, and he is completely traffic safe. 


In the barn, Chester is an easy keeper and never causes trouble. He’s a total love-bug and strives for attention. He loves to be groomed and will stand on the crossties all day for it. He’s easy to tack up and bridle and he’s well behaved for the farrier and the dentist. He never causes trouble in his stall and can be turned out with anyone. This boy has such a puppy dog personality and everyone that knows him loves him. He’s got a goofy side as well and will play with the hose water and make funny faces. 


Chester is UTD on shots, farrier, deworming, dentist, and coggins.

He is available to purchase for $22,500. He will be the best brained 4 year old we will have all year. He the sweetest attitude, disposition and temperament. 


If you’re interested in this special boy feel free to call or text Juli at 717-875-2061 or Caleb at 717-917-7213.

Full Video and Highlight Reel:

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