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"Ezra" - For Sale

16 hands : 4 year old : Friesian/Morgan : Gelding



Ezra is a 4 year old, Morgan/Friesian cross. He stands right around 16 hands high and is put together extremely well. You will not find a better brain out there at any age! He is an angel. This boy is a total gem and has such a great personality. He’s as intelligent as he is pretty to look at. This boy could truly go any direction and succeed. 


Ezra has gone through our desensitization without batting an eye. He’s extremely brave, and nothing much seems to phase him. He’s used to the tarp, flags, dogs running around, equipment, traffic, and will even walk through fire for his rider. He’s very special and was just born quiet. Ones like him at this age don’t come by very often. He’s level headed, easy to be around, and always a perfect angel to handle on the ground as well as under saddle. 


In the ring, Ezra has a lovely wtc both directions and is a nice relaxing ride. He always has a good attitude and strives to please. He has a nice floaty canter- the type you could ride all day. He is the perfect in between of being a push ride and having his own motor. He has a light mouth and is sensitive to aids. He’s learning to yield off the leg and working on lots of transition work. He has a good stop and will stop off your seat or a simple “woah”. He would still be considered green, only because of how much more he has to learn. He has no mean habits and would be easy enough for an amateur working with a trainer to bring along. He’s very simple and every trainer’s dream! 


Over jumps, Ezra has been started slowly and is gaining confidence very quickly. He’s always honest to the jump, and he is figuring out how to carry himself properly. He is primarily schooling over small xrails and some easy combinations. He has been out X country and totally impressed us with how well he behaved. We couldn’t have asked him to do a better job. This guy would have a future in the show ring, for someone wanting to fox hunt, or just to have fun on paper chases or the trail. He’s got all the right qualities and the brain to go far. 


On the trail, Ezra has most of his miles and experience. He is a total trailblazer and will go through anything he’s pointed at. He loves being out to see the sights. He has proved to be good with deer, crossing water, bicycles, dogs, and will pop over a log no problem. He’s the ultimate trail horse and is always a fun ride. This boy has no problem leading the group, or hanging out in the back. Everyone who meets him loves him, and he’s even managed to make the grumpy mare fall head over heels for him. 


In the barn, Ezra is safe and easy to work with. He has no bad stall habits and goes out with a mixed herd. He stands to tack up and bridle, and he is easy to load up on the trailer. He is well behaved for the dentist and farrier and never seems to cause problems. He’s the type we wish we could clone! We want the best possible home for this special guy. 


Ezra is UTD on farrier, dentist, coggins, shots, and deworming. Located in Gap, PA. 


He’s available to purchase for $18,000. Call or text Juli at (717) 875-2061 

Full Video and Highlight Reel:

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