“Pickles” - For Lease

13.3 hands : 7 year old : Shetland/Quarter Horse : Gelding


Pickles is a 7 year old Shetland/Quarter Horse gelding standing 13.3 hands high. If you are looking for honest, quiet, tolerant, and safe, then this is the guy for you. There isn’t another pony out there with his brains and temperament. We wish we could clone him! We trust Pickles to take the youngest of children out on trails, to teach first trot and canter steps, and to safely take older riders over jumps and school cross country. Gone are the days of worrying about naughty ponies who follow no ones rules but their own. Pickles is always trustworthy, patient, and SAFE! Pickles is fun for all ages and is reliable and gentle enough for the whole family to enjoy. 


In the ring, Pickles can do it all. He plots around at the slowest walk with our 5 year old nephew who is learning how to steer. He tolerates the kids who haven’t mastered a good seat or quiet hands. He knows the difference between a child who is asking for the canter and one who can’t keep their leg still while posting. Pickles is priceless when it comes to teaching the children. He is as trustworthy as they come. Pickles will ride on the buckle, in a frame, or just in a halter and lead rope. He knows his leads and will pick up the correct lead canter from a walk. Say “whoa” and sit back, he will stop every time. If you get off balance, he will slow down and stop until his rider regains control. 


Over fences, Pickles is fun and straightforward. He will jump around a 2’6” course with ease. He has taught children how to two point and go over their first poles and cross rails. With more experienced children or adults, Pickles will jump the moon. Coupes, logs, walls—you name it, he will jump it. He has a smooth and easy jump and is easily adjustable. He will take a jump from any distance and help out the rider if they can’t find a spot on their own. 


In the barn, Pickles is handled by young children daily. He stands to be groomed and loved on. He  particularly loves the curry comb. He puts his head down to the ground for the little ones to bridle him and stands still while they figure out how to get the bridle on correctly. Pickles is happy being inside or out and is turned out with mares and other geldings. This guy is an easy keeper and stays fat and happy on just hay and pasture. 


Off property, Pickles is a barn favorite. He is a breeze to travel with and is the same off property as he is at home, if not better. Anyone can take Pickles out on the trails. Your grandkids or your grandmother will safely enjoy themselves on him. He is safe with traffic, loves water, and crosses any obstacle. He is used to the children accidentally dropping their reins and or stirrups; Pickles will once again stop and wait as long as it takes for his rider to organize themselves and then go back to following the other horses. Pickles never picks up the pace if he gets left behind and will only speed up when asked. Pickles hacks out alone, in a group, and is happy following or leading. 


 There is nothing you can’t do with this one. He is solid and straightforward in the ring and out. Pickles has been exposed to many situations including trails, lesson programs, cross country schooling, riding and jumping around hunt country, and everything in between. This pony has one of the best minds we have ever come across, and being at the age he is, will just keep getting better with time. Don’t miss out on a once in a lifetime pony!


Pickles is sound with no vices. He loads, clips, ties, bathes, and stands for farrier. We are offering this guy up for a 6 month paid lease followed by a month to month deal preferable to a show or lesson barn. $4,500 for the first 6 months followed by $750 per month. Send us a message on Facebook or call 717-917-7213 or 908-645-2127.