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"Willy Wonka” - SOLD

14 hands : 6 year old : Connemara/Percheron : Gelding


Willy Wonka is a 6 year old Connemara/Percheron gelding standing a sturdy 14 hands high. If you want a quiet and safe trail master  - this is your guy. There isn’t much that phases this handsome dude. Whether you are hunter pacing or just looking to go for a relaxing hack out, Willy is sure footed and reliable. Willy is a great size for guests and first timers. He is solid and well built enough to comfortably carry a larger rider, yet smaller than your average draft cross, making him great for riders who like the drafty build, without the long way down to the ground! Willy is a schoolmaster of the trails, and on a hot day, can often be seen being ridden down the road to the ice cream shop by the girls!


In the ring, Willy is straightforward and simple. Although most of his miles are as a trail horse, Willy will still happily walk and trot around with the kids. He enjoys taking it slow and steady and is a great choice for those who love hacking out, hunter pacing, and trail riding - yet still would like to ride or lesson in the ring from time to time. He has great brakes and stops at the “whoa”. He has comfortable gaits, and has even been ridden side-saddle by the girls. He is great with the kids and patient as can be, always taking it slow and steady walking and trotting the kids around. Willy has been started over small cross rails and jumps in the ring and out on the cross country field as well. 


On the trails, Willy is well behaved and happy as a clam.He will lead, follow, or ride in the middle of the pack. Willy is the ultimate trail or hunter pace mount - as he has tons of miles under his belt, with all types of riders, in all types of terrain. He enjoys swimming in the lake, the kids call him a ‘Water Whale’ for his absolute love of swimming and splashing! He will cross any kind of water or obstacle you ask him to, and he will step over logs, cross roads, and safely carry his rider to their destination. Willy is totally traffic safe and can be ridden down the busiest roads, or in any type of excitement with ease. Willy is the same off property as he is at home. He loves exploring new trails and is on his best behavior on hunter paces and paper chases. Anyone can ride this guy out on the trails; he is safe, simple, and straightforward. 


In the barn, Willy is easy to get along with. He is polite as they come and always does what is asked of him. Willy stands to be groomed and tacked and is often handled by lesson students and children. When turned out, Willy goes in a mixed herd of mares and other geldings, and on occasion goes out with our stud colts. He easily gets along with pasture mates, but once he sees his person coming, he is the first to the gate to say hello. Willy is the same when living out, or when stalled. He has no bad habits in the barn, and is a favorite amongst the children. Willy loves being groomed and loved on , however he does prefer a gentle and patient hand when it comes to clipping his face and legs.


Under harness, Willy has been primarily driven in a team but will also drive single as well. There isn’t much that phases him. He does have a work ethic under harness, but is straightforward and simple to drive.


Willy Wonka is one of those horses that we tell people - if you can’t ride him on the trails, you shouldn’t be riding. He is truly a pleasure to have around, and a fantastic trail master. If you want a nice relaxing day out on the trails, or a quiet ride around the arena, Willy is your guy. Although he may not be the next Grand Prix hopeful, he is safe and a true insurance policy of a trail horse.  


Priced at $10,000. Inquiries may phone 717-917-7213

Full Video and Highlight Reel:

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